Interactive PE (iPE) + Interactive Health (iHealth)

Blended Learning for Secondary Education

'Ready-to-learn' curriculum on your devices of choice.
Proven lessons with a focus on skills-based education.
Improved student learning outcomes and healthy behavior outcomes.

Are you looking to make a move with your curriculum?
What is the iHealth/iPE approach?

Each course is a full semester of lessons, assignments, assessments, along with a final examination. Students begin with a pre-course evaluation to determine baseline understanding.     (more)

Why should I use iHealth/iPE?

Technology has forever changed education. iHealth/iPE accelerates your move to eLearning by using proven solutions rather than trying to do it yourself (DIY).     (more)

What is blended learning?

A formal education program in which a student learns in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of control over individual learning style.     (more)

How does iHealth/iPE work?

Each student has secure access to their course via their device of choice. Teachers monitor student progress. No technology investment required.     (more)

Who uses iHealth/iPE?

High school and middle schools. Small schools, large schools. Public schools, private schools. Rural, urban, and suburban school districts.     (more)

How do I get started?

Interested, but uncertain of the next step? Read through frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Contact iPE and let's disuss your next move.     (more)

What students say about iPE/iHealth

Phoenix, iPE helped me understand how fitness works. It taught me how to enjoy being more active.

Kaley, I've become a healthier person. I care more about my health, what I eat, and living a happy lifestyle.

Tyler, This course taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to stay fit and healthy. I really enjoyed it.

Leah, The way the information was explained made it easier for me to understand.

Chloe, It was great! I can now fully understand the meaning of health in my daily life.

Dan, The course has just the right amount of challenge and it motivates me to study and stay fit.